As we mainstream the sustainable green procurement agenda, we call upon:

The National and Local Government to:

- commit to sustainable procurement and lead by example in their own procurement actions and when committing financial resources to third parties.

- ensure public procurement rules allow and require public authorities to include social, environmental, and ethical criteria in public procurement processes

- encourage all public authorities, to implement sustainable procurement

- ensure all public procurers demand from their suppliers, and the goods and services they provide, compliance with social and environmental legislation and international agreements

- set performance indicators and targets to be met at the local and national level

- provide greater resources for training procurement staff, the promotion of good practice, collecting evidence to demonstrate benefits, disseminating information and providing practical guidance to public procurers

- develop and use of organizational /national /international tools with, to the extent possible, harmonized environmental and social standards for products and services

- adopt policies committing to the inclusion of environmental and social concerns in heir procurement activities

- take the lead in helping and encouraging other authorities to implement sustainable procurement effectively

- use best value (i.e. giving consideration to sustainability) approach when making purchasing decisions

- constructively engage with the private sector to encourage innovative developments and increase awareness of the need for increasing sustainability in production

- develop a strategy, allocate resources and undertake training and awareness raising for procurement staff to ensure that these commitments are implemented

- promote the use of already existing tools for sustainable procurement

- actively share positive and negative experiences with sustainable procurement to other public authorities, for example through the joining of exchange networks and national/international campaigns

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